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Searching for lost treasure

We are all searching for lost treasure. Some because someone told us of its existence, some because we have a nagging suspicion that it’s out there somewhere. Sometimes it’s necessary to swim upstream to retrieve this lost treasure. But when we realise that that “treasure” is not a true measure of our own self, or worth the will needed to push us up stream, then yielding to the current is not defeat but practical wisdom. Nor should we swim upstream just because others are doing so. There can be strength in numbers but also danger in mass illusions. Just imagine the look on everyone’s face when they arrive at the source of the stream, exhausted from all that swimming, distraught at seeing no treasure at all. Going down stream has its own dangers too. Are we just looking for the easiest way out? Are we just letting chance dictate our fate? Is there anything downstream that we are floating towards? Just because it’s an easy ride, it doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile. So the question is: where’

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