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Being or believing: how to spiritually transform

In spiritual practice, there seems to be two general approaches to take, namely, being or believing . The "being" approach focuses on mindfulness practices, on being in the present. It utilises meditation as a way to purify the mind, transcend the lower self and attain higher states of being.  To do this, the spiritual aspirant must use the powers of concentration and focus in order to escape the "monkey mind" that debars them from reality. This approach is used in Buddhism, especially Zen Buddhism which places extra emphasis on meditation and lived experience. The "believing" approach, on the other hand, often uses prayer and devotional practices to draw closer to the Divine. This approach relies more on faith and love than on concentration alone. It is about putting one's faith in a Higher Power, surrendering one's will. Effort is often needed to stay devoted to one's Beloved, but essentially it is through grace that the believer is transfor

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