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Finding the balance between perfection and imperfection

We are all works in progress. That is a commonly held notion. But it rests on some basic concepts, namely, that we are imperfect, that we are striving for perfection and from these two things it follows that we constantly make mistakes. And yet when we do so, we berate ourselves, feel guilty, dwell on our wrongdoings. But why? We are living-contradictions who acknowledge our own imperfection and yet demand perfection of ourselves.  Between these two poles we must find the ever-shifting balancing point. On one extreme, we do not want to be too perfectionistic or demanding because that will only amount to constant disappointment, which is no way to live. On the other extreme, we do not want to be too complacent. Yes, we are imperfect. Yes, we need to accept that. But that doesn’t mean we should resign ourselves to our bad temper, bad aim or bad driving. Our task on the tightrope hung between perfection and imperfection is to strive. Striving is our task in life. But striving must be sust

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