Broken Heart

The breaking point:
Where desire is given up
And the heart
Opens up.

The breaking heart:
Cracking under the force
Of desire’s
Constant grasp.

Desire had burned
And stirred and churned
In the heart
For so long.

Desire had driven
And pulled and thrust
The heart
Away from itself.

Desire had craved
And grabbed and clung to
The things
Of this world.

The heart,
Broken and shattered,
Crumbling to pieces,
Opens up.

Has destroyed and defeated
The heart.

Has smashed the heart
To pieces.

And now
There is no heart
To possess.

But from the broken pieces
Love rises:
Resplendent and radiant,
Shining brightly,
Burning strongly.

Boundless and formless,
Penetrates the cracks,
Abides in the crevices,
Soars across the open gouges,
And surrounds the broken pieces
Of the broken heart.

Love takes over the heart,
From desire’s grasp.
Love melts
The broken pieces
Into a whole heart,
Free from desire,
Devoted to love.

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