Hidden Scent

Your eyes, dear child,
Woven gently into the breeze.
Your soft flowing countenance,
Drifting into the air.
Won’t you share your silence?
Won’t you keep your silence!

Guard your silence, child
From all those hungry thieves
Who yell bitter threats
From the abyss of their hearts.
Hearts all dried up.
Hearts all frozen.

Keep the purity of your innocence
Concealed inside your heart.
Do not release your gentleness
Into this wild chaos.
Cherish your innocence.
Guard your purity.

Flowering from within you,
Petals of love spill to the ground.
To be collected,
To be walked upon,
To be blown away,
To remain hidden.

Yet still remains your scent,
Deep in your heart.
Far from this world.
Far from all harm.

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