Who stole my Beloved’s gaze?

Divergent forms
Swirl and cling
To every thing
In my abode.
My prayer room
Has been ransacked
By a drunken thief.

My prayer book wiped
Of every word.
My prayer beads tattered
And scattered on the floor.
My prayer rug hanging
Heedlessly on the wall.

Who is this sinister intruder?
Who stole my Beloved’s gaze?
There are many ways to lose Him
But only few to find Him.

Lifeless and drained
I make every pained
Effort on my knees
In search of every bead.
Painstakingly I urge
Every word to return.
I tear the prayer rug
From the wall
And slump prostrated
On the floor
In sobbing tears
Before the One I most adore.

Will grace or my will
Bring me back to Him?
Will desire or patience
Satiate this separation?

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