The Light rose again

Through the dark night of silence,
The world waited till
The Sun was cast again
On the fields of every land.

From the darkened night
The Light rose again,
Giving sight to eyes,
Eyes that had been blind.

Renewing all existence,
The New Day dawned.
Heads frozen in slumber,
Rose now in awe.

The Friend’s Face reappeared
From the horizon of yearning years.
His tongue spoke words of love
Descending from above.

Creation was in heaven,
Every atom shook in prostration,
As Spirit was infused
And the world was born anew.

The Sun of Glory arose,
Annulling the puppet show,
Played for years and years
As truth waited to reappear.

Now the Day arrived,
The world became alive.
Mystic melodies
Cascaded from the skies.

Wandering distracted in search,
The lover finally reached
The shores of the Desired Sea,
The yearning of his being.
Yearning and fulfillment are one
When the seeker becomes
Attracted by the beauty
Of the fragrance of the Beloved.

Words and thoughts fall silent
In the presence of the Highest.
The throbbing heart alone
Is able to intone
The Greatest Name of God.

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