The human predicament

Today and tomorrow stand opposed to each other as I fight the battle against myself. The scent of the present pulls me to itself, removing me from the ripples of tomorrow. I do things that do not fit with my picture of the ideal me, but I do them anyway.

My constant falling into folly I detest. (It seems this detest shrinks in comparison, in those moments, to my ultimate aim and purpose in life.) If only I could hold my focus and resolve at all times, constantly fixing my gaze on it. But my attention wanders to abodes dark and hidden from the light of insight.

This can all be seen as just an unavoidable part of the human condition, but when seen in this way, complacency can set in and prolong the acts of the lower self.

Will can take hold in an attempt to force the self into submission, but it can also grip the self with severity, squeezing out tenderness from the heart - birthing an overwhelming seriousness that bites within and without.

So, give up? Keep trying? Just be aware of yourself? Pray for deliverance?

Maybe we can just say, "such is life!" Fight the fight. Fall down. Get up. Desire and yearn. Forgive and forget. Aspire and strive. Be and become. 

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