Helpless appreciation

We are all beggars of sorts. We have a right to nothing and every need is really a desire, a desire to survive. However you see it, something greater than ourselves bestows existence upon us and provides for its perpetuation. We can do our best to gain mastery of our surroundings, but in the end the Boundless is our master. Therefore, every drip of grace, every gram of mana that flows down to us is an undeserving blessing. And any blessing must be met with gratitude because despite our labours, we have earnt nothing. Our beings merely pulsate with the life of Existence itself. We are its servants; we do its bidding; we partake of its blessings, even the ones that are disguised as wrath.

I tell this to myself because all too often I ask for more than has been served on my plate. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t strive for more, but that we should stop demanding more. There is a difference. Though we may toil in the soil of life in the hope of reaping the fruits of our labours, those very fruits are gifts from beyond. Although we may have planted the seeds, the fruits themselves spring not from our puny wills but from the Will of Existence itself. So though we may plant seeds with determination, we can only reap their fruits with helpless appreciation.

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