Musings of an ant

 All too often I seem to forget that I’m just a little ant. I spend my days with a magnifying glass making tiny things seem big and important. Worse than that, I try to exert my puny will on the mighty world around me. Inevitably, this only ends in frustration and disappointment. An ant can’t bend the world according to its vision of what should be.

Of course, I’m not totally powerless. I can move stuff from A to B. I can even work together with other ants to increase the might of our individual efforts. But no matter what, I’m no match for Life itself.

So far I’ve escaped the fate of being trampled on. I know it happens to other ants. I know it could happen to me. I used to hope and pray that I would escape the dangers of big things falling down on me. But I’ve seen it happen to so many around me that I know it’s only a matter of time. So I accept the fate destined from above. The question is, do I accept it begrudgingly or gratefully?

I’ve seen beyond my ant-hole. I’ve seen the many bigger wonders of this world. And I don’t think there’s a neutral, haphazard force behind it all. I actually feel a deeper intention that drives everything, an Order. My fate is in its wise hands. So, it makes sense for me to love every crumb and thump that it ordains.

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