“We all sleep and wake, eat and work, dream and hope – live in the same human condition. And we all fail, at some time or another, to look beyond the surface of our lives and seek a deeper purpose.”
Alex, discontent and oblivious to the deeper aspects of life, is prescribed medication after years of depression and soon believes he is cured. But after an encounter with an old man, who explains that suffering is a path to change, he sets out to travel in search of life’s purpose. But will his travels help him discover the path he seeks?

This is a story of inner turmoil, wanderlust and soul searching. It is an existential travelogue, an inner and outer journey, in which Alex faces both the world outside his safe home country and also himself.

Suyin has just finished high school in Newsyd: Sydney moved to higher ground in a future world shrunken by rising sea-levels. Unlike her friends, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. With ample time, Suyin spends her days reading, walking and gazing at the odd star just bright enough to shine through the blanket of gas and light that hides the boundless universe.
On her way back from a hike one day, Suyin sees a paper note stuck to the wall of the zip-train, a sight unseen in a world of screens and lights. The note says:
Unique individual wanted for expedition into space to test habitability of new planet. Need to be intelligent, creative and courageous, with sound general knowledge...
Suyin is deeply interested but doubtful that she has the qualities needed to get the position. Her very identity and self-worth depend on it. She can’t find her place in a privileged part of the world consumed by “things”. Could she find it on another planet, beyond the blue veil that cloaks the earth?

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