The Bahá'í Faith is a religion that was founded by Bahá'u'lláh in the mid-nineteenth century and has since spread all around the world. Though a way of life that is largely grounded in action, the mystical connection between the individual believer and God stands at its core. The seeker of truth aims to walk the mystical path with practical feet.

This book highlights the place of mysticism in the Bahá'í Faith through an exploration of its sacred literature. It discusses Bahá'u'lláh’s teachings on God and creation, the purpose of life, the nature of spiritual experience and transformation, as well as the principles and practices that the spiritual seeker utilises on the path of transformation.

Through this exploration we discover the potential of the human being to live an active and spiritual life in this world, drawing closer to God. Each person was created in the image of God and has the capacity to mirror all of God’s perfections, experiencing His light both in the outside world and within, in this world and the next.

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We all live on the banks of the river of time. Some don’t believe that time exists, and physicists still aren’t sure what it is. Regardless of this, no one can escape the flux of life. All too often we hide from time, with our heads stuck in the past or the future. Mindfulness teaches us to be present each moment, to face what is instead of what was or will be. But is mindfulness enough? Should we only place our attention on the present moment? Now and Then presents an integrated approach to time that is grounded in the present but also focused on the past and future. It shows us that to truly live is to embrace time in all its aspects. It is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to practice being in the moment and enjoy a rich and dynamic life.


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